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Project "futurehomestories" launched

How can people use co-creation methods to tell stories about how they want to live with technologies in their homes in the future?

To be able to answer this question, we would like to invite people from the population to co-creation workshops so that they can actively contribute their ideas about how they want to live in the so-called smart home. Their active participation will enable us to better understand the home as a place of application for new technologies. A case will be designed for the workshops, building on existing methods and tools. This will be sent on trips to participants or used in workshops. The material contained in the case gives the participants the opportunity to express their personal ideas.

The resulting output, for example in the form of stories, will be documented and returned to the population in the form of a book of alternative futures (zine) and made available to the professional public.

In perspective, the goal of futurehomestories is to make the tested co-creation methods available on a sustainable basis. For this purpose, the methods and tools contained in the suitcase will be compared and analyzed by the researchers and later prepared for context-independent use.

The project futurehomestories is part of the network for integrated research. The overall goal of this network is the conception, implementation and establishment of integrated research, working towards a comprehensive research concept for integrated research.

Futurehomestories critically examines various aspects of integrated research and strives for a transdisciplinary adaptation, implementation, reflection and transfer of co-creation methodologies. Therefore, ethical, legal and social aspects have to be established in the co-creation process and its reflection. The overall goal is to further advance integrated research.

The project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Further information on the project can be found on the IfKMW website.