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Digital Media and Society Fellowship program launched

Since the middle of the month, Eedan Amit-Danhi has been working as a visiting scholar at the Chair of Media and Communication Studies. She is the first visitor under the newly created Digital Media and Society Fellowship program.

The program enables research stays at the Institute for Communication and Media Studies at the University of Leipzig and serves to strengthen collaboration with international scholars in the study of networked communication and digital media. The focus is on (1) media culture research, especially media-related forms of practice in their cultural, socio-technical and temporal contexts; (2) digital communication, primarily the production and appropriation of digital networked media technologies and forms of communication; (3) media analysis, especially the reconstruction of media content, its (multimodal, transmedial) modes of representation and discourse formations in comparison with different forms of communication and media systems.

The Digital Media and Society Fellowship program is supported by the Chair of Media and Communication Studies and funded by the University of Leipzig. It covers travel expenses and the stay in Leipzig. Fellows are provided with a workspace at the Chair of Media and Communication Studies.

Eedan Amit-Danhi is a postdoctoral fellow at PROFECI, an ERC-funded project at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Her doctoral dissertation, completed in late 2021, examined the rhetorical functions, information modalities, digital affordances, and implications of digital political visualizations. Eedan's work builds on her previous work in digital social change, user experience research, and political marketing, and aims to uncover the political and rhetorical strategies that give primacy to the visual representations and visualizations we so often encounter on social media.

Combining PROFECI's work on the social, political, and cultural dynamics surrounding collective projections with her own work on visualizations, Eedan's work as a Digital Media and Society Fellow will focus on consolidating diverse analytical perspectives into a holistic model for analyzing predictive visualizations.