The Handbook of Peer Production.

O’Neil, Pentzold & Toupin (2021). The Handbook of Peer Production. Hoboken/NJ: Wiley Blackwell.

The Handbook of Peer Production has emerged from a community of researchers, practitioners, and activists who share a belief in the virtue of open collaboration. We are grateful for this community’s existence and hope we have been equal to the task of documenting its work. Academic books are always collective endeavors; we are immensely thankful to those who have helped us in bringing this project forward.The Handbook chapters were peer reviewed by the three editors. In addition, Chapter 1 (“The Duality of Peer Production”), Chapter 29 (“What’s Next?”), and Chapter 30 (“Be Your Own Peer!”) which we co‐wrote, were reviewed by Sébastien Broca. His insightful comments played a substantial part in making our arguments more coherent, so we express our heartfelt thanks for his contribution.